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    Vaping vs Smoking

    People smoke various tobacco products all over the world. They basically get addicted to the chemical name, nicotine, which is present in every tobacco product. It is this chemical which makes it difficult for a person to say no to smoking. However, in today’s time, people are tending towards the use of vaping, as a replacement for smoking. They consider it as a means to quit smoking and lower the intake of nicotine into their body. Although the use of vaping has started over the last decade, it is not approved by the Food and Drugs Administration for its usage.


    Since it is a new thing in the market so people don’t have any specific knowledge about it. Below we have enlisted major points on the basis of which we will compare the similarities as well as differences between the two items. A lot of people raise this question, so we have thrown a light on every aspect of both vaping and smoking. You can visit vapehobby.com an online vape shop to buy vaping products.


    Chemicals Present - All of us are aware of the fact that a normal cigarette contains a lot of poisonous chemicals which are really harmful to our health. Due to the presence of harmful substances in a cigarette, it can cause chronic diseases such as cancer. On the other hand, an e-cigarette or any other vaping product contains less number of toxic compounds. So, people consider it as a means to quit smoking and use it as a replacement for a normal cigarette. But, both of them contain sufficient harmful elements to cause serious damage to our health.


    Cost - The usage of a given product depends on its cost. It seems that an e-cigarette or other vaping product would cost more as compared to a normal cigarette but it is not the case. Although the initial investment is more as one needs to buy a rechargeable kit to use for vaping, it is easier to afford as compared to a smoke cigarette. Vaping products are cheaper than a normal cigarette when we compare its cost for a long term like these quality one over www.vapehobby.com for dr dabber parts..


    Safety to Use - The advantage with a normal cigarette is it is not required to charge. Whereas the other vaping products such as e-cigarettes have to be charged in order to enjoy it completely. Also, the latter has a lot of chances of undergoing an explosion. It has been found that e-cigarette accidents are quite prevalent when it is on its charging mode or in its normal usage.


    Health Benefits - As we know that smoking only causes harm to our health. And that’s why a warning is written on the pack of normal cigarettes. On the other hand, some people speculated that e-cigarettes have some type of health benefits. Well, no study has proven this point and also, FDA has not approved any health benefits of using e-cigarettes.


    Popularity - E-cigarette is quite popular among high school and college going students. Mainly youth make use of this product due to an awareness about it. However, the normal type of cigarette is popular among every age group of persons.


    These are some of the similarities as well as differences between vaping and smoking. We can say that both the forms of smoking is injurious to our health. So, one should avoid using any of these products in one’s daily life.


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